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Teeth Whitening

Bleaching is one of the most commonly sought elective dental procedures to brighten a smile. It is a simple, fast and effective treatment to change darker shades into lighter ones. This process is most non-invasive.

Our teeth yellow as we age. Coffee, tea, soy sauce, cigarettes etc. will hasten this process. Many of you parents noticed that when the adult teeth appear in your children, they seem more yellow than the remaining primary (milk) teeth. Human teeth are inherently yellow from the start and only get worse with time. The whitening process will not lighten the tooth colored fillings or porcelain or acrylic crowns.


Extrinsic Stain: Oral habits such as tobacco chewing, smoking, colored beverages, poor oral hygiene and betel nut chewing cause this type of stain.

Intrinsic Stain: May be caused due to hypo-calcification during tooth formation, which leads to discoloration ranging from discreet light yellow spots to dark brown areas. Certain drugs like tetracycline or minocycline when administered at the time of formation of the dentition can cause intrinsic stains.

Extrinsic strains are better managed by bleaching as compared to the intrinsic stains.


  • ·         Severe enamel loss
  • ·         Fluorosis leading to mottling of enamel and
  • ·         Developmental defects in enamel formation.

·         Possible side effects include increased sensitivity to cold during the treatment, tongue and lip soreness and possible sore throat irritation. These side effects most always resolve in one to three days after completion or interruption of treatment.


  • ·         Avoid food or liquid that may stain the tooth structure.
  • ·         Maintain proper fluid intake to cope with dehydration of tooth surface.


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