Wonderful experience thanks a ton.

 -Col AK Yadav, Colonell Academy , Kathihar, Bihar


I am fully satisfied with Dr. P.C. Singh’s Treatment. He is also kind hearted , careful and sincere. I wish him better future.

-Dibakar Mukherjee, Shivmandir, Darjeeling


I am fully satisfied with Dr. P.C. Singh’s Treatment. I wish a very good future.

- Paritosh Ganguly, Islampur, U/D


Dr PC Singh is very experienced doctor. I have many problems on my teeth. After treatment I am feeling better.

-          Yadunill Sharma, Panitanki


I know Dr. Singh since 2005 when he joined ECHS Polyclinic bengdubi as ECHS Dental Officer, since then we worked together in polyclinic till I left polyclinic till I left Polyclinic in sep 2011. Patients of ECHS Polyclinic used to give me feedback of his excellent dental work done to them which was a better of pride for ECHS polyclinic Bengdubi and Myself as OIC Polyclinic. I wish him all the success in his life. 

-          Lt Col B B Jamario(Retd), Former OIC Polyclinc, ECHS


What a wonderful thing to be with Dr. Singh. He is just wonderful. Clinic has really come up very well 

-          Col Viren Jain


Two year before i had done fixed treatment from Dr. PC Singh, Since then I don't have any problem. Dr. P.C. Singh is really very good dentist, he care his patient very much . 

-          Goma Khattri

Braces Treatment

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that diagnoses, prevents and treats irregularities of the teeth, jaw and the face.

Crowded teeth are difficult to clean and maintain. This may lead to an increased rate of cavities, gum disease and eventual tooth loss. Other orthodontic problems can contribute to abnormal tooth wear and misalignment of jaw joints resulting is chronic headaches. When left untreated, many orthodontic problems become worse. Treatment of original problems is often easier, faster & less costly than treatment of more serious problems that develop in later years.


Removable Appliances plays only supporting role in comprehensive treatment. They are an important part of preliminary treatment for preadolescents, adjunctive treatment for adults and retention for all types of patients. Removable appliances can be cleaned out of the mouth with toothbrush & tooth past. Teeth & gums are brushed and flossed as usual with the appliance out of the mouth.

Fixed Appliances can produce any type of tooth movement. Fixed appliances remain in place throughout the treatment period. In fixed appliances brackets, bands & wires are generally used.


Most people have some discomfort after their braces are first placed or when adjusted during treatment. After the braces are on, teeth may become sore and may be tender to biting pressures for three or five days. The lips cheeks & tongue may also become irritated for one or two weeks as they tough toned & become accustomed to the surface of the braces. Overall, Orthodontic discomfort is short lived and easily managed.

Fixed appliances maintenance require more precision and time and must be done after every meal. Patient should use inter dentally brush and orthodontic brush as advised by your dentist.

Patient must be careful to avoid, hard and sticky foods. They must not chew on pens, pencils or fingernails, because chewing on hard things can damage the braces. Damaged braces will almost always cause treatment to take longer and will require extra visits to dental office.


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